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AboutTrambuline Copii

TrambulineCopii is an online store that deals with the sale of garden trampolines, swings, slides and home and garden accessories. Being a direct importer of these items, the advantage is in favor of the end customer who benefits from low prices.

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A brief presentation of the project

This project was based on the development of an online store based on the OpenCart platform in which the customer can display his products for sale in an easy and organized way.

Having a good collaboration with this client and being pleased with the contribution made to the other projects, it has resulted in a continuous development of the stores it owns by creating new functionalities on demand, automating the various internal processes, constant design changes and improving usability. All this led to the creation of a new online store.

Nowadays, every online store benefits from the same implementations and functionalities. Therefore, in order to streamline the costs and workload we have created a system that can easily translate changes made from one store to another, propagating online in a very short time.

Implementations and extra features

Online Payments integration via mobilePay

Implementation of AWB generation through GLS Curier

Implementation of AWB generation through Urgent Cargus

Implementation of automatic SMS sending using a short number

SEO Manager module implementation

On-Page SEO creation

Social Login module integration and configuration

Google Ecommerce Tracking integration