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Agribio is an online store selling traditional BIO products in the town of Spulber, Vrancea County.

One of the site’s objectives is to help bring value to the area and the local community by marketing products from this district, whether it’s planting material, ornamental plants, native varieties, or BIO fruits.

This online store is a personal project of one of our first clients, who was pleased with the collaboration and decided to develop another online store.

As with the first project, we have provided our solution and vision to build this online store.

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Gina Caba

Colaboram bine si eficient cu DevPro inca din 2012; ne-au realizat un site asa cum ne-am dorit prin intermediul caruia vanzarile online ale cartilor noastre au crescut an de an. Echipa DevPro ne propune imbunatatiri si actualizari din proprie initiativa, iar serviciile furnizate au fost si sunt la nivelul asteptarilor noastre. Va multumesc si va recomand cu incredere.